2.1.17 Food court digital signage delivers upsell

Consumers genuinely love advertising. Inc. magazine once reported on a consumer survey where 81 percent of the participants said: “Yes, yes. Please give me more ads. I can’t get enough of ads. Ads are wonderful. I cannot live without them. They put light into my life.” However, consumers are getting pickier by the second. The minute an advertiser fails to supply what consumers love, they transfer their love to another advertiser. The vicious cycle goes on. Advertisers are desperate, yet oftentimes, brands tend to overlook the obvious – places where consumers love to be distracted by advertising. Food courts is one of them.

Food courts are often found in shopping malls, underground transit hubs and business districts, particularly in cities with high population density and contested traffic. Diners spend an average of 32 minutes in the food court, according to a California-based media agency as well as the survey conductor. Diners will have plenty of time to take in the messages. Food courts are also the absolute prime locations thanks to the proximity of advertisers’ physical shops, boutiques and kiosks merely several steps away. Today’s consumers are constantly on the go. The less time required for transactions to take place, the better. Food court advertising is location marketing at its best.

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Source: Digital Signage Today