Digital Signage Projects

Saudi Arabia. Jubail United in Al Khobar

Digital Signage system for the creation and distribution corporate TV channel at JUBAIL UNITED Petrochemical Company, part of SABIC group in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia. Noura University in Riyadh

Deployment of 5 private channels over 270 TVs in separate buildings over a captive network to a total of 14 buildings in a campus.

Spain. Transmediterranea in Barcelona and Mallorca

Integration of the digital signage screens with the queuing and ticketing information system in the Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca harbours for one luxury cruise company.

Worlwide. Carolina Herrera

Over 75 Signage screens deployed in several shops around the world (New York, Washington, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Madrid, etc.) All of them remotely controlled from a central server in Spain. The marketing department can deploy any multimedia campaign tailored to each region and shop without sending anything to the shops. The number of screen is being incremented on a regular basis.

Spain. Xornal de Galicia

The digital signage solution is used to integrate several sources of information coming from news agencies, newspapers,TV channels, web sites, RSS feeds, etc. all in the same screen, providing the journalists of this newspaper with a real-time update of what’s happening all around the world to help in their articles.

Spain. Adif

Digital Signage and entertainment over IPTV in high speed train line between Madrid and Barcelona.

Spain. CaixaGalicia Corporation

Deployment of an IP video infrastructure for a bank over a preexisting network to provide both On Demand and playout contents for 300 heterogeneous advertising screens. The screens are spread over 150 offices with different connectivity levels covering all the scope of influence of such bank. All the system has redundancy capabilities to provide 24×7 services.

Spain. MedPlaya Hotels

Creation of an IPTV Digital Signaging channel for a group of hotels in Spain integrating such channel with the old RF network to reach the low level rooms. The project is intended to be a first integration of technologies in this hotel to fully replace the RF system with IPTV system.

Spain. Canal – R

Deployment of a IP digital signage live channel for the subscribers of a big cable operator which integrates dynamically live events, pre-recorded videos, banners composed from RSS feeds, music, flash animations, etc. The contents are easily modifiable by the marketing department of the operator without intervention of a systems layer.